Snackle Box

$11.99 USD



The Snackle Box is the perfect companion for busy parents and adventurous kids who love snacks on the go. Inspired by the design of a tackle box, this innovative snack container features 12 individual compartments, each with removable dividers, creating a customizable storage space for an array of delicious treats.

Designed with convenience in mind, the Snackle Box ensures that your child's favorite snacks are neatly organized and easily accessible. The individual compartments keep snacks separated, preventing any unwanted mixing or crushing. Plus, the removable dividers allow for versatile storage options, accommodating both small and large snacks.

Ideal for travel, family outings, school lunches, and road trips, the Snackle Box keeps hunger at bay while providing a fun and engaging experience for your little ones. Its sturdy construction and secure snap-lock lid keep snacks fresh and intact, even during bumpy rides or energetic play.

Add an element of excitement to snack time with the Snackle Box; the ultimate on-the-go snack container!


  • 100% food-safe plastic
  • 12 individual snack compartments
  • 3 removable dividers for versatile snack sizes
  • Easy to open and close, perfect for little fingers
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Age 3+
  • Compartment Capacity: 4oz/114ml each Total: 48 oz/1,368 ml

Wash & Care:

Separate to clean. Clean on top rack of dishwasher or thoroughly with soap and warm water before first use and after each use. Inspect the product before each use and throw away at first sign of damage or weakness. Allow to dry before placing lid on container.